Monday, 23 April 2012

Scan Results

Today I returned to Leeds General Infirmary to receive the results of my CT scan that I had last week. It's somewhat nerve-racking getting scan results. The reason they scan my lungs first is that they will show up any new tumour growth because they're soft tissue so any tumours will grow their first, rather than in the bone. If any tumours start growing again then I'll have to have chemotherapy again and depending upon where the tumours are, an amputation. However, all of these treatments would only be to attempt to hold the cancer off as if it returns following all the treatment I've already had it will most likely return again and again. This is way these bi-monthly scans are so important.

Scan from September 2010 before chemotherapy and the one on the right, showing the current situation.
Luck was on my side today though and my scan was clear. A small amount of scarring showed up in the top left of my left lung, as a result of all the chemotherapy I've had but apart from that it was fine. I can't even tell you how relieved I am about this and how amazing it is! It means I can relax somewhat until my next scan in June. All I have to say is HOORAY!

This weekend I'll be taking part in a road rally around Yorkshire in support of Teenage Cancer Trust. The rally will include me driving around Yorkshire dressed up as batman (and the car done up as the batmobile) completing various challenges, some of which will be fairly embarrassing for me! I know I'm not allowed to take the batman outfit off for the whole weekend! As I've said all the money goes towards Teenage Cancer Trust. This charity helped me so much through my treatment, providing support for me and making the ward in Leeds my second home. Even being back there today has made me almost miss it! Almost anyway!

I'd absolutely love it if some of you could sponsor me! It really is a fantastic cause and you'll be helping so many people. Having cancer as a young person is always something that happens to someone else, a friend of a friend. That is until it happens to you or your friend, your child or your grandchild, your brother or your sister. Then you realise how horrible a disease it is. Teenage Cancer Trust does its best to help young people with cancer and they require your help to carry on helping. Please sponsor.

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