Sunday, 11 November 2012

So does that mean you're okay now?

"So does that mean you're okay now?" I get asked this question a lot, and for anyone who isn't a doctor or who's had cancer themselves it can be really confusing, when a person has finished treatment for cancer, yet they're not 'cured'.

Cured isn't really the right word, because even though all the treatment is finished and the cancer is hopefully dead, there's still a chance that the cancer might still be alive somewhere, and if one cell gets past then the cancer will come back again. Annoying as this is there is nothing that can be done about it except for scanning every few months! Luckily I've found a handy cartoon which explains this a lot better than me!


  1. Like what they've said cancer is a traitor! There is always an uncertainty if you have been cured. Maybe you can try complementary and alternative medicine for cancer after the treatments and therapies. just follow a healthy diet and exercise talk to your doctor about this .

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